"Michelle brings a wonderful energy. Her professionalism is easily seen in her organizational skills, attention to detail, and very excellent communicating style. I can't recall any prior involvement personal or professional where Michelle has never given anything less than her totally engaged effort."

-- John Miller, colleague

Hire Michelle to Speak for Your Group...
Professional Colleague recommendations:

"I met Michelle through a professional group where we were responsible for facilitating a group meeting. Michelle gave a presentation on public/professional speaking. During the course of the presentation, she was energetic, engaging and articulate (I don't recall ever hearing her utter an "um", "ah", "you know" or any other vocal filler!). She had obviously done her homework and tailored her presentation to the audience. Even though this was a topic I had seen many times in the past, she kept my attention the whole time. With her energy and creativity, I can only imagine how she would excel as a spokesperson."

-- Mark Galauner, Data Analysis/Business Intelligence

"Michelle does a great job in her presentation on public and professional speaking. She is not only informative but enthusiastic and engaging. She delivers her presentations in a manner that is to the point and easy to understand. I have heard variations of her presentation several times and always come away with actionable items to improve my own performance.

-- Ken Munyon, Information Systems & Technology Management

"Michelle has shown leadership and teaching skills and excels in communication and public speaking. She has worked with multiple levels of people including internal staff, volunteers and school personnel. I have found her to be well informed, educated and present herself in a professional manner at all times."

-- Sandra Prochaska, Former Red Cross territory manager & colleague.

"I was fortunate to work with Michelle for the past 10 years in her capacity as a donor coordinator with the American Red Cross. Michelle made engaging multimedia presentations to students and staff members and coordinated the program. She was always highly conscientious and professional when working with me."

-- Michael Pellegrino, School Administrator with the Berea City School District

"Michelle is one of the most talented public speakers I have ever met. I know this first-hand because I’m a volunteer and the special events coordinator for the non-profit Happy Tails Cat Sanctuary and Michelle has made many presentations on behalf of the sanctuary. She has enhanced the quality of our fundraisers with her professional and very enjoyable speeches and her creative, informative power point presentations. She can effectively be either the “lead person” or part of a support team for special projects."

-- Doreen and Jim Lazarus, HL Communications

Following a S.M.A.R.T. Financial Training:

“I can take control of my money. Take the leap of faith and know the universe will provide.”
“Inspirational hope for financial stability.”
“Personalized example made it more real.”
“Really enjoyed her perspective in becoming debt-free. I want her to come into my world”
“The statistics were eye-opening and people will benefit from her strategy.”
“Smart plan... good concrete advice.”
“Priceless information about how to reach financial freedom.”
“Hearing her financial success sunk in more than it would have from all those “experts”. She was very relatable.”
“Great advice, very helpful, positive, informative, knowledgeable, wise, experienced.”
“She was honest and transparent.”
“Loved the handouts and references.”
“Honest integrity... explained the process and gave hope!”
“Love that she was faith-based.”
“Inspiring story.”

"Michelle is an enthusiastic, passionate, highly knowledgeable and engaging public speaker. Any subject matter that she is tasked with presenting will be delivered in a concise and understandable manner. Using her interpersonal communication skills, Michelle places her clients and audiences at ease, making them comfortable with the information presented."

-- Maria Menillo, Former Red Cross colleague

"It was an honor for Women in Transition to host Michelle as a workshop presenter on multiple occasions. The interpersonal topic of "Dealing with Tough Emotions" was positively received and highly acclaimed by the participants. This interactive workshop featured aspects of her own personal story, combined with her professional knowledge and intellect, and connected participants to her and to each other through the power of shared experience. While this is a very serious topic, Michelle engages the audience with hope and infuses them with the knowledge of how to cope with serious difficulties and the many techniques of how one can manage and move forward. You will not regret having Michelle present to your group, as dealing with tough emotions is a universal struggle."

-- Jessica Buckland, Cuyahoga Community College

"Michelle is an excellent well, versed public speaker. In my time working with Michelle as her colleague, I had the opportunity to partner with her as she managed special Programs. As a result, we saw a significant increase in results, which is directly related to Michelle's role at the organization. It is my pleasure to have worked with Michelle. I highly recommend her for any role involving public speaking and more."

-- Christopher Pacileo, former American Red Cross colleague

I have known Michelle for years. I have attended events she has run. She goes above and beyond what is necessary. She has always been a go-getter, well organized and very comfortable in front of a group of people!"

-- Ron Boetger, Owner, AXXON Technologies

College Student Testimonials

"Ms. Brady, you did a phenomenal job teaching us as students how to C.O.N.C.E.A.L fear when giving a speech. You also taught me how to become a better speaker. Thank You, and I hope you continue to teach others how to become better speakers."

-- 2016 college student

"Ms. Brady, thank you so much for helping me solve issues in my life that needed resolving. The best part of this class was when we learned about emotions. I learned so much about myself and how to control myself when communicating with others and how to channel those emotions when needed. This class had a very big impact on myself because it changed me as a person. I realize that all those little things I keep hanging onto, they don't matter. I've held onto too much un-needed stress in my life and I've learned some ways to let go."

-- College Student testimony

"This class, without a doubt, improved the quality of my life. This class impacted my life more than I anticipated. I will apply every piece of materials I have learned. I feel leaving this class today that I am on my way to becoming a great man and father."

-- College student testimony

"Ms. Brady’s training greatly impacted my life. I found many aspects of the curriculum very interesting and applied what I have learned in this class to my life, and it has worked really well. It helped me solve conflict at work, made me more aware of my body language and the non-verbal messages I am sending to other people. I became a better listener and I learned that emotional intelligence can be just as important as an intellectual. Thanks to your training, I found the courage to confront someone which I might not have found otherwise."

-- former College student