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  • R=deliveRy: release movement... Good Speakers MOVE!

    Continuing the 7-part D.E.L.I.V.E.R.Y. tips, here’s part 6, Release energy through movement. Good speakers move!  I’m convinced that animated movement on a sage is necessary to be impressive and engaging and seen as an “expert”.  Confident stage presence exudes credibility. I have watched many speakers standing in one spot on the stage, failing to utilize movement which would[...]

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    Look at me when talking! The E, Eye Contact in d.E.l.i.v.e.r.y.

    Eye contact is THE number one nonverbal that communicates strong messages, both positive impressions and 180* polar opposite negative ones if performed incorrectly. On stage, there are NO good messages that come from making poor eye contact. Sharing insights gained over 35-years teaching public speaking, this article helps you avoid public speaking mistakes with this significant message-making [...]

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    Speak Up! Voice in Delivery

    Over the 35 years teaching public speaking, I developed 8-tips using the acronym D.E.L.I.V.E.R.Y. to quickly improve public speaking skills.  Sharing these tips so far, ‘D’ for Distractions, and 'E' for Extemporaneous, I=vocal interferences, and 4th is V=Vocal Variety. Every public presenter should consider these voice factors: 1). tone; 2) volume/projection; 3). rate; 4). pitch;[...]

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